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Today I am going to tell you about Americas fun facts!!!!!!!

  1. Did you know  that Twenty-seven percent of Americans thought that we would never land on the moon.

2.Alaska is the state with the most percentage of people that  walk to work ( and if I lived in Alaska that would NOT be me I HATE walking)

3. Each 7 rays on the statue of liberty crown  measures up to 9 feet in length and weighs as much as 150 pounds (WOW I did not know that.)

4.The American one-dollar bill contains several hidden images. Like the spider in the right corner. ( UGGGGG I HATE spiders)

5.The Liberty Bell was last rung on George Washington’s Birthday  witch was in 1846.  (R.I.P 🙁 )

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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P.S can you tell I hate a lot of things.

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  1. Dear Briana M.,
    I never knew these facts about America. I was surprised when I heard that 27% of Americans believed that they will land on the moon.

    If you have time come and visit my blog!

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