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So Im saposesd to convince you to watch my video but I don’t want to because its really embarrassing. But my hole life is embarrassing so it shouldn’t be that bad. I would tell you that it is really good and that i totaly memorized the hole thing but i diddnt I was literally in my room eating Taco bell and on my computer and then i was like OH SNICKERDOODLES i have to do my video so i hanged my shirt wiped the lettuce of my face and i still looked like trash so enjoy my trashy video. Omg I hate this so much look at my FACE!!!!!


The end

No its not the end of my project… sadly but there have been some rewarding parts of this project. Like getting to see really cute animals and telling my dad I need to go to the shelter for a project but really I just go to see the really cute animals. I saw PIG YOU GUYS A PIG. His name was hamlet and now that i think about it thats not the best name for a pig.

Really all I have left to do is post the videos that I have been making, and maybe for once in my life something i made is OK. Oh and totally off topic me and my friend Anna were talking about how school is like the animal shelter they separate dogs and cats right? Well at our school they put you in family’s/teams and each team has a group of teachers i personally think its stupid.Even at lunch they separate us. But they cant take me away from my friends so i sit there anyways… I mean no i dont im a good kid and always follows the rules… HA WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.

Anyways my thoughts on the GMS ted talk. I might seem very confident or whatever in my blogs but when i get in front of people i start sweating and talking really fast. So during this ted talk I am hoping to have it be just like i am in my blogs I dont know how i am going to set it up. SO I might have ran out of pictures so just enjoy… or dont because I wouldn’t.


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Hey I’m back again sorry

Hey guys m back again because I have to do another blog update. This is harder than you think we have been answering the same questions over and over again. Now I’m not complaining…. actually yes I am, but you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, throwback to kindergarten days. Anyways I guess I have to type about serious stuff now so this week I have had no issues but at the shelter I met a really creepy person ( I was silently freaking out inside) but besides that it was awesome to be honest I didn’t really accomplish anything this week I just went to the shelter and got more information so I guess that counts as something.

We also have to do this elevator thing were your in an elevator and you have 60 seconds to talk to  a person that will make your project even better and of corse mine is Stacy from YouTube. I don’t really know how I’m feeling about it because its a lot of work pored down a once on us and we haven’t had a lot of time to do it. But I don’t know I’m a very odd kid.

Um so I am supposed to talk about what I want to accomplish next week but I already did a timeline so my friend told me to stall (witch is what I do best) but I cant do that sadly cause I will get a bad grade. I hope to accomplish having 4 videos edited and done. Instead of reading my horrible blog look at this cute picture of this cute dog.

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And i’m back at it again with another post

Hey guys Im really happy because I get to right about my project which i totally haven’t been doing for the past 6000 posts. (Sarcastic cheers) So me Mollie Anna Lauren have been complaining about how we have been doing the same thing over over over again, and if you look at our blogs you can tell were not enjoying it. All I am thinking about is there 60 days left till summer JUST KIDDING I dont want to go to 7th grade because I have some my favorite teachers!

Anyways to be honest I haven’t accomplished anything this week I did start working on my elevator video. It diddnt finish it.

To be honest this project is getting kind of boring/repetitive I mean ya it’s fun. But I wish we could do something different or switch it up.

What I want to get done next week is memerizing my speech for the ted talk. I don’t really have anything for the actual project because I did all I need to do.

I’m supposed to talk about my issues with this project but the main ones is that there is A lot of work dumped on us at once at least for me because I’m a huge procrastinator.

So you probley dont want to here me rant anymore so BYE




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Another update

This week  managed to go to the animal shelter FINALLY while I was there I managed to talk to  my mentor Emily about it and she said the dog that I wanted to do I might be able to do just because someone wants to adopt him so they have him on hold.

She showed me a day in the life of a worker at the shelter and she told me how to properly hold all the animals which i already know how because i’m just that talented just kidding my cat always used to scratch me when I picked him up so I looked up how to hold animals.

This week all I got done was getting to know the animal before I shove a camera in his face. Witch i’m glad I did now I won’t be clueless anytime someone asks me a question about that animal. Ok so i’m also supposed to put hoe I am feeling and truthfully this room that i am typing in is VERY HOT or maybe i just have a cold cause all my friends are saying that it’s cold. Anyways back to the topic I am feeling very excited for his project because i finally have an excuse to do to the animal shelter all the time:) Anyways your probably done with me so BYE!

Another Update….

OK soooo you know how I said I want to go to the animal shelter and make the video well ya that diddn’t happen but I will go this week  love this project  very much and I think its very fun the only down side is that I haven’t met my mentor yet but we have talked on the phone a few times about our scedule we set up I time on saturday at 3 this week I hope to get at least two of the base videos done alright so your probly done with me now so BYE.

Little Update….

OK, so as you might know and, if you don’t know I would recommend going to my last post, and I just read over it and realized there were some grammar mistakes, so I WILL make this one perfect, but we all know I will NEVER be perfect. Anyways, my project is going great but when I had to do my speech for the first time I was talking so fast cause I was so scared. Anyways as you might recall I said I wanted to go to the animal shelter the week after Christmas break….. well that did not happen just because my mom was always working and so was my dad  so I really didn’t have time to go. Also because I was too lazy. So my goal is to go out this Saturday because its closed on Sunday But I also have some plans with my friends… Just kidding friend I just wanted to make myself sound cool and also like I have a lot of friends. But seriously I have plans with my friend on Saturday but she said she can help me film the video.  OK so really I’m just rambling but that’;s what I do, but I did get a mentor named Emily who is really good with the animals and she volunteered to help. Anyways you guys are probably done with me right now so here is my date table.

1/27 Finish Blog
2/10 Have a video filmed
2/24 Have the first video edited and already started
3/10 Have both videos ready and ready to post
3/24 Start another video maybe for a small animal
4/7 Have that video filmed
4/21 Have that video edited and already started on anew one
5/5 Have both videos edited
5/19 Post all 4 videos


20% projecct

So I am doing a 20 time project. It’s basically were your doing a project were you to do something to make the community better so what i’m going to do is advertiser an animal from the shelter and post that video on YouTube this week I did not accomplish much i did manage to contact the animal shelter to see if  can do my idea AND THEY SAID …no… JUST KIDDING THEY SAID YES. I am working on what time i should go to the animal shelter and make the video I am also working on how I can actually get people to watch the video. Now I am planning to go to the animal shelter and pick out  a dog and cat the week after Christmas break. But the good thing is I haven’t ran into any problems yet except breaking away from my group to do it on my own. But I fixed it by coming up with  better idea that i did it have in my group. Now I am really existed to get this project going.


Labrador Retriever in Todoroki Valley Park : ラブラドール・レトリバー Toshihiro Gamo via Compfight

My cat

Waiting to Christmas 🎄So… wait have you noticed I have been starting my blogs with so but whatever its my favorite word. I am going to write about my cat Pouncer you might be like what kind of name is that. Well when we first got him we let him outside for like five minuets and he would pounce on bugs but we wouldn’t let him eat them cause that would be gross.

We got my cat from an animal shelter he was meowing a lot and sticking his hand through the fence i said “I WANT HIM” my mom asked the lady and she is like well somebody already has him on old but i will call them to make sure. AND GUESS WHAT THEY SAID THEY GOT ANOTHER CAT! SO like tipcal Briana I  scream really loud and every body like ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssss. And i’m like sorry so iI got hi and brought him home

He was scared of me but now he sleeps in my bed every night. Even though I’m really annoying sometimes I still loves me and I’ve had him for 4 years. Normally my cat meows when he wants to go outside or wants food or when he’s a tired he’s basically like a little baby. I don’t think my dad likes him very much because Pouncer bothers him the most me and my mom love him.

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Briana the principal… Oh no

So for this weeks blogging thing a magig I am going to be a principal and a teacher (Not in real life) and no I’m not going to be like recess every day but I kind of forgot what recess was like because in middle school we don’t have it.


If I were the principal I would make sure the kids would get good lunch you know the lunch that actually tastes good I would also have multiple lines for each food, like there would be two lines for taco’s so that kids have more time to eat. I would also make sure that kids get the learning that they need because no kid has the same brain so that means no more common core!


If I were a teacher I would do no homework Now wait I know what your thinking be realistic, but truly I am because no student learns things the same you cant expect to give kids homework and get an a on it. here is an example say Tim sits next to Bob and Bob got an A on his worksheet but tin got An F. Now Tim is going to feel dumb because he knows he tried his hardest but he still got a F. I would also have kids not put there desks in a strait line tell them no be quit in class and raise there hand when they want to talk like think about it were like robots. So you know I would rather not be a robot just saying.

How to be a good principal



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Principia Schools Conference: York







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